Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Election Results Part II, Who Wants Randy, and Warming Gases….

Who wants Randy Moss? A handful of teams may, kinda, maybe, sorta, wouldn’t-really-mind having the future Hall of Famer on board for the rest of the season. After being (stupidly) waived by Brad Childress in a power-statement and hissy-fit, Moss now walked the lonely road of the waiver wire. Each team, in inverse order of goodness (crappy teams first) get a shot to claim Randy off of waivers. So far, the Titans at slot 22 have put their names in the hat. If the 21 teams ahead of them don’t want Moss, the Flaming Thumbtacks will inherit the speed, talent, mouth and inflated ego that was traded from New England to Minnesota only to be cut after 3 games. Other potential takers are New Orleans, St. Louis and San Diego, with the Bolts having the 10th and best spot to pick him up.

Too bad the return to Minnesota didn’t
bring back the hair-do….

Climate change is a huge problem. Believe Al Gore (and every credible scientist in the world) on that one, but physicists recently announced that the entire universe is subject to warming. Way, way, way back when the universe was a tenth to a quarter of its present age, which, I understand to be quite aged, the gases that exist between galaxies steadily increased in temperature. Scientists claim that quasars, which are massive black holes that occupy the very centers of certain galaxies, were responsible for this phenomena which saw a cooling some millennia after the process began. What does this mean? We know less than we think, in fact, we know very little. The universe is a great mystery, my friends.

The baseball season has been over for two days and the Yankees are already pursuing the player who had a big hand in getting them bounced from the playoffs. Yankees brass announced they will begin their courtship of Rangers’ pitcher Cliff Lee. Cliff was 2-0 against the Yankees as a Phil in 2009 and beat them again as a Ranger this past postseason. The Evil Empire cannot officially begin talks with Lee until Sunday, but the groundwork is firmly in place to make a huge signing. It’s been an entire season now since the Yanks bought a championship, it was just a matter of time before the tried again. It’s their Death Star; they just keep rebuilding if anyone blows it up.

In developing election results, Colorado Democrat and incumbent Senator Brown (that’s Senator Brown, not Mister Brown, thank you)  has claimed victory over Republican and Tea Bagger (It’s okay to call them that, they put it on their own signs) Ken Buck. It’s great news for Senate Dems who will be slightly less numerous the next time they meet.

With all but a handful of the elections coming to a close last evening, the Bohunk was excited to settle into some cozy economic issues, like the Federal Reserve’s announcement to buy $600 billion in bonds. While the candidates who won election claim to be able to fix the economy, the Fed is actually doing something. They are going to print an extra few hundred billion dollars (sounds even more impressive when you say it that way, huh?) in an effort to lower long term interest rates. The maneuver, dubbed “quantitative easing” by the greasy architects of the scheme, was driven primarily by the sluggish economy, really high unemployment and ultra-low inflation.


Thanks for reading the second post of the day (if you did, in fact, read it, you sneaky bastards) and enjoy “Modern Family” on ABC tonight at 9.

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