Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tea Party-ing, Eliot, Popo and Gaga…

Just tens of minutes after the Bohunk said Randy Moss would most likely be picked up by the Flaming Thumbtacks, it was so. Jeff Fischer made the decision to pick up Randy to bolster a struggling passing offense but a running game that is one of the best in the league in spite of playing against 8-or-9 men in the box pert near every darn play. TE Bo Scaife apparently “thanked Jesus” for the acquisition, reminding everyone that it’s almost Turkey Day.A little early on that one Bo…

In election results, ABC News now states that Republicans have gained control in 19 state legislatures that had been Democrat-held just a few days ago. It is one of the largest victories for either party in history, with massive implications for many years to come. For example, Texas will, in all likelihood, embrace the death penalty like never before, shooting convicted murders in the streets, just the the good ol’ days. But remember, they are also Pro-Life….They just keep it limited to certain lives….

Haiti, already reeling from an outbreak of cholera, earthquakes and tropical storms, is bracing this morning as the arrival of Tropical Storm Tomas seems imminent. Hundreds of thousands of Haitians are homeless and are living in make-shift shacks or under bits of tarp and cloth. The government says that they will try to evacuate the major refugee camp just outside the nation’s capital, though the logistics are nearly impossible and time very short. Think of these people today and do something to help.

Tried calling Lady Gaga the other day, she wouldn’t pick up her t-t-t-t-telephone….

On the 31st anniversary of the Iranian capture of the US embassy, thousands of Iranians marched in the streets of the capital shouting “Death to America” and other super-inspiring chants of hatred. Ezatollah Eragami, the main speaker at the rally and one of the Iranians who took 52 Americans hostage for 444 days, said that President Obama has been “weak” in foreign policy. First, who cares what a murderer and criminal has to say? The guy should be arrested under international law and detained for 444 days while being forced to listened to Katy Perry on repeat. Second, calling a President who has worked to lower the chance of US military involvement in Iran “weak” is ignorant. The opposite would be to call Obama “strong” for invading Iran and having a long, bloody occupation. We, as Americans, have to realize at times that there is no right way for everyone. Let them be; they are going to piss off all the world when they make a bomb and then they will be taken care of.

On this day in 1948, American poet T.S. Eliot, most famous for The Waste Land, won the Nobel Prize for literature. Part of his contribution to modern poetry was his heavily symbolic and critical view of modern life, the effect of industrialized society on the individual and the existence of what Hemingway would call, “The Lost Generation”, who were the disenfranchised youth who survived the first World War. Eliot’s  close associate and lifelong friendship with Ezra Pound, who is a major source of Eliot’s drafts and musings, was one of the most intriguing as the two bounced ideas and works back and forth for nearly twenty years. Eliot’s first published work, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, is one of his finest and, if this lends any weight, a personal favorite of the Bohunk. Eliot also wrote a number of plays and was highly praised as a literary critic. Eliot died in 1965.

In the Trial of Lance Armstrong, Lance’s longtime teammate and friend Yaroslav Popovych testified in the US for roughly 90 minutes in front of a Federal grand jury. Popo denied ever witnessing or hearing of any doping by Lance or any of his teammates or coaches. Popo did not ride on the USPS team which is under investigation, but did ride with Lance and team director Johan Bruyneel’s teams since 2005. The Ukrainian was served a subpoena while in the US for a charity ride in Texas.  Popo, who speaks limited English, did not understand what was happening until a rider near him who overheard the proceedings told him to stop talking and call his lawyer. Classy, whatever US marshal gave this subpoena. Expect other international figures who may be involved to stay clear of the US until the probe is finished.

Well, don’t worry folks, NBC’s Thursday night line-up begins at 7 tonight with Community. Just a few more hours to get through till then. Thanks for reading, email this to a friend or two….

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