Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wes Sovis Buys New Bike

Its the annual occasion; Wes sees other bikes, sells own bike and buys the bitchingest bike you'll see on the trails. Wes went home to the Bear Den this afternoon with a brand new 2011 Cannondale SL 29er that you can drool over as much as you'd like. The SL will see its first action next week at the 35 mile Barry-Roubaix "Killer Gravel Road Race" which is just killer enough to require fatter tires than an actual road race.

The Bohunk Brothers will be draped in the blue and white of Hagerty for the B-R and the Fisk Knob Time Trial, a recent and impulsive addition to the schedule made just this morning. The FKTT is a flat, fast 17 mile course tailor made for Wes, and will prove the bane of the Bohunk, who is not known for flying to quickly over flat land.
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Anti-Gadhafi Forces Hold One Final City

Libyan air forces planes bombed the airport located in Benghazi, the sole stronghold left to rebel forces in the country. Rebels had only just captured the site, using helicopters and planes there to attack the advancing Libyan forces. Three opposition forces’ planes counterattacked government forces working to cut off the rebels from the smaller city of Ajdabiya, the linking community that connects the rebels to the larger city of Benghazi. The rebels at the airport and entrenched in the small city of Ajdabiya are hoping to hold of the government forces until Western military power joins their cause, if NATO and other international organizations deem the operation legal and the correct course of action. Earlier this week, Sec. of State Hilary Clinton stated quite clearly that the US would not intervene unilaterally, and would wait to be called upon, and joined by, NATO authorization and assistance.

Britain and France, meanwhile, have vocally supported a vote today to authorize air strikes in Libya and sanction military action on the ground in the immediate future. The US was convinced by the UK and France earlier this week to support a no-fly zone over Libya, though no official vote has yet to be held. Susan Rice, an ambassador for the US, says a no-fly zone would not go far enough to protect Libyan forces facing the onslaught of Gaddafi’s forces.

Super-Moon: Closest Orbit In 18 Years

It has been, my Dear Readers, a touch too long since I’ve given you some good, ol’ fashioned astronomy news. And it’s practical stuff, too…

The moon will not be dangerous, but they way it is peaking over those hills, it may be a little creepy
the night of the 18th…

On March 18th, the moon will make its closest approach to earth in eighteen years, coming to the close orbiting distance of 356,777 kilometers from earth’s surface. It may not appear all that much brighter or larger to the naked eye (and most of our eyes are just that) but through a telescope the moon will appear to be seven percent larger than on a normal evening. Scientists and nerdy amateur astronomers refer to this event as the rare “supermoon” phenomenon which only occurs a handful of times a century.

The close proximity of the moon will have some massive and potentially dangerous impacts on the tides. Experts warn that tidal changes will be much faster and severe, and expect that tidal flooding could be a problem in some areas. Fisherman and port workers in the early morning are especially at risk.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Team Ciclirati Athlete Profile – Cody “The Flying Bohunk” Sovis

Team Ciclirati Athlete Profile – Cody “The Flying Bohunk” Sovis

Forgive the calm and quiet on the Update today, Dear Readers, but important things were a brewin'. The Bohunk is extremely proud to finally announce membership with a very new, very big Team in cycling, Team Ciclirati. In addition to flying the Ciclirati colors in all off-road endeavors for the 2011 season, I will also be contributing to the Ciclirati website with blogs, photos and race reports throughout the year. Rest assured, there will be plenty of time to keep this Update updated. Be sure to check out the site by the link located to the left of your screen.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Meltdown Now Official

A day after the Japanese government downplayed the dangers of the damaged nuclear reactors, radiation levels have surpassed those at the Three Mile Island disaster, the second worst nuclear incident in history.

Tweet from Cody Sovis (theflyingbohunk)
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Chode’s Video of the Week

Another gem reaches the lofty digital pages of the Update from the strange, twisted world of one notorious John Schroeder…Sick bastard, but a cool guy…



Enjoy, gents…


The ladies certainly love a woodwind…

Cadel Evans Rocks T-R

The Bohunk recently encountered a question on Tirreno-Adriatico stage winner and now overall race leader Cadel Evans. @bloomingcyclist a pal on the Twittersphere, asked why everyone likes Cadel so much? There are a lot of reasons, much more than 140 characters could allow and more than I could try to include whilst thumbing this post on the six minutes before my class. First, Cadel was a world class mountain biker well before he began finishing runner up in the Tour de France. And the latter may be what he is most famous for; great results but never winning the big ones. He was second behind Carlos Sastre in 2008, which was his closest opportunity to take thus top step in Ol' Paris, falling victim to a stacked and selfless Saxo-Bank team that sacrificed Frank Schleck's chances to get Sastre the win on the final mountain stage to L'Alpe D'Huez.

That race exemplified all too well Cadel's career; close but no cigar, and too often no teammates. His move to BMC was partially motivated by assurances of deep pockets and the drive to supply him with firepower to compete with big, Grand Tour quality riders. He has that now in George Hincapie and Allessandro Balkan, just to name two. He'll win the Tirreno...just look out in July...
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Great article from The New York Times on the potential meltdown of one or more reactors in Japan heavily damaged by the 8.9 earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan on this past Friday. The Bohunk would like to thank Prof. McRivette of GVSU for his contribution to geologists in Japan; the Guy deserves some recognition for his expertise and effort over the weekend helping gather and analyze data.
NYTimes: Radioactive Releases in Japan Could Last Months, Experts Say

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Paris-Nice: Tony Martin Wins “Generation Battle”

The Paris-Nice is over with the Race to the Sun ending in clouds and ran after clammy weather for most of the race. Thomas “The Bold Frenchmen” won the final stage in yet another brave and long breakaway effort. The very, very German Tony Martin (HTC) retained the overall lead to win the race’s GC over also German Andreas Kloden of RadioShack.

The very, very German machine that is Tony Martin on his way to the TT win in the Paris-Nice…

Some writers have called the Kloden vs Martin fight for the overall “The Battle of the Generations”, alluding to the youth of Martin against the aged legs of Andreas Kloden. The Bohunk sees the obvious generation, but does not see the importance. There are a lot of older gentlemen in this race, not to mention the oldest man in the professional peloton, Jens Voight. The obvious intent of this juxtaposition is to show the future of cycling as clean and unassociated with the doping of the past. While that is more than fair to say, we run the risk of dragging racers without any history or evidence of doping through the mud. Kloden has ridden on teams with Jan Ulrich, Alberto Contador and Lance Armstrong, a convicted cheat, an exonerated champion and a suspected legend, respectively.  Kloden has had no links to doping at any of these stops, yet is insinuated as being associated with the shadowy professional peloton of the late 90s and early 00s.

The claims are not overt, but definitely present. As much as cycling fans can be thankful for the emphasis on clean and honest riders in the future (and believe me, that is the best thing we can ask for) we cannot write off all the riders of the past just by association or having had ridden with some bad eggs. That would be a terribly unfair way to deal with riders like Voight, Kloden and Leipheimer who have been heroes and outstanding advocates for cycling for over a decade.

Congrats to Tony Martin and his HTC team, and check back in later for the Tirreno-Adriatico stage report, or, as always, follow me on Twitter for Updates.

Japan’s Nuclear Crisis

The first reactor explodes in Japan, but more threats remain….

The Japanese government says that a second explosion at a nuclear facility is very possible after hydrogen gases are said the have built up to dangerous levels. In the aftermath of the earthquake, tsunami and over a hundred aftershocks, the Japanese people still face the threat of nuclear meltdown and widespread radiation dangers.

The explosion that rocked the first reactor in the Fukishima plan gave the world a scare, but the threat for another such event strains the already fatigued and mourning population in the country. The third reactor is likely the explode though operators have worked to release the built up hydrogen gases that caused explosions. The danger is that such a blast would break the concrete structure housing the main reactor itself, which would cause the leak of dangerous radioactive materials.

In an effort to conserve energy, the Japanese government has called for three hour blackouts in order to confront the roughly 10 million kilowatt shortage faced by the shutdown nuclear facilities.

The government has repeatedly promised that no radiation dangers currently exist, though other sources claim that radiation levels around the plant have been higher in a single hour than in an entire year. Nine people have been tested for high radiation levels but doctors have no yet released their findings. Roughly 200, 000 people live within twelve miles of the plant.

To help the victims of the earthquake and tsunami, please visit .

Check back with the Update throughout the day for more…