Saturday, March 5, 2011

TC Training Camp: Day One

While winter in Northern Michigan knows no limits or bounds, the Bohunk had some expectations about the weather for Spring Break. The snow was nearly gone and the roads clear if a bit wet. I was assured that the weather would not be too bad. This morning revealed four or five inches of snow and 15 MPH winds dead out of the north. The roads do not get plowed on the weekends, so the skinny-tired steed I brought north was out of the question. I hopped aboard my Dad's mountain bike and headed out to the 23 mile loop by our house to sample some of the dirt roads in the area. No dice. I realized whilst sliding on my hindparts for a good 20 feet that the wet roads had completely frozen over, flat and smooth as a manicured outdoor ice rink. I spent a moment complimenting nature on its work creating the impressively smooth surface and mounted up to climb Pozoar, a long climb that puts you at the highest altitude in Grand Traverse county. Ice there was thick and smooth, but I was able to creep along a tire track until the snow was too dry to hold up and I rode through the snow, all five inches, until I made it to the top. With any luck the roads will clear of and tomorrow I will get some quality time on the bike. Be sure to check out the Paris-Nice coverage from Versus tomorrow at 4 eastern.
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Friday, March 4, 2011

Foxy Friday: Eva Mendes

It is indeed time to honor yet another Fox, and this week the Bohunk submits for your consideration a woman requested by a reader. Via Twitter, the reader pointed out the decided lack of Eva, for which I am heartily sorry. Mendez has appeared in some movies like Stuck On You in which she was the only reason worth watching, which is not a feat many actresses can accomplish successfully. A special nod goes to Sam Shipman, a friend of the Bohunk to whom Ms. Mendez holds a special place in his heart. Congrats Eva, you are the Fox of the Week.
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Great Post by Good Men Blog on Fennville Death

Cody Sovis (@theflyingbohunk) has shared a Tweet with you:

"rwohan: The most tragic sports story of the year ... if not ever:"
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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Amateur Astronomer Picture

Rob Bullen, an amateur astronomer in England took this shot of the space shuttled nearing the International Space Station on its resupply mission which began last week. The shuttle is carrying supplies, new instruments and a human-like robot designed to do day-to-day tasks aboard the ISS. Bullen took the shot with a nine inch telescope in his backyard on a somewhat cloudy evening Monday night. This is the second to last mission from the shuttle department of NASA, which we shut down after its last launch which is currently slated for April. To note, the shuttle and station are orbiting the earth at thousands of miles per hour and manipulating the docking instruments on a scale of inches or centimeters. That is skillfully done, we can assume.
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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Skull Cups

Scientists recently unearthed well-worked and ritually cleaned skull cups. Skull cups are exactly what you are thinking, used to sip hallucinatory beverages during tribal ceremonies. The skulls, one of a man and two from male adolescents or children, were found in Somerset, England and studied heavily by anthropologists from around Great Britain. The skulls are believed to be expertly carved and chipped by skilled craftsman that specialized in the ritual creation of the product. These skulls date back to roughly 14,700 years ago, relatively early in what anthropologists believe to be a formative period in man's formation of religion and mythology. Its gives rise to the possibility that these aspects of mankind are much older than we had every thought before....
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Photo of the Day: Tour of Flanders 2010

Quick shot of the Swiss Time Machine motoring away (a direct hint to the supposed engine hidden on his bicycle) from all comers. Fabian Cancellara, four time World time trial champ and all-around badass took the win on a solo move. No one caught him, no one chased him, no one tried....
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Monday, February 28, 2011

Padme Wins Oscar, Bohunk Rejoices


We finally won the big one….

To Note: Fox of the Week and Classy Lady Natalie Portman won an Oscar last night. I would like to that the six people who texted me during the show, and the three emails I received this morning. I want to thank the fans, the press and the media and all the people that voted. I knew Natalie and I would win this one at some point and when we deserved it.

Tanning: Don’t Look Like A Carrot, You’ll Get Cancer

We have, my Dear Readers, all seen it; a white girl tanned to a carrot-orange with black lines around her eyes from the goofy eye protection pieces in the indoor tanning bed. It looks terrible, but thousands of young women aspiring to be the next Snooki (yes, they are a misguided youth) duck into tanning beds each day. What parents and teens do not understand is the unnatural concentration of ultraviolet rays at such a young age almost assures tanners to develop melanoma. While the effects may not arise as tumors until years later, the damage done to skin during the teen years leaves melanoma extra time to develop and to spread as cancer to other parts of the body. Compared to natural midday sunlight, tanning beds are 10 to 15 times more powerful than the sun. To combat the risk, state legislators in Virginia are working to ban tanning by minors, in addition to the 10% tax levied on tanning salons last year. Around the country, state governments are looking at the health risks of tanning and over-tanning by young people. Many states have laws stipulating a specific age, usually 14 or 16, in order to tan without adult consent. By tanning once a week, the risk of contracting melanoma rises. At the very least, teens age their skin by tanning once a week 10-20 years faster. The Indoor Tanning Association, obviously, says all these proven facts are speculation. They are idiots. Don’t tan, and if you do, do not tan more than twice a week. You don’t want to look like Snooki.

You don’t really want to look like this.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Shameless Plug

Allendale, Michigan is not known for wide varieties of food choices. If you don't like pizza or Applebees, you are quite screwed. The bastion of flavor is Las Aztecas, a Mexican restaurant replete with a borderline authentic menu and generous portions. The Bohunk has a hidden talent for eating, and even I am occasionally full after a meal. The prices are great for the amount of food you get and you get to see Spanish television via Telemundo at no additional charge. It's heart wrenching to see you middle age waiter toss an old napkin on the floor when Cruz Azul lets in a goal. The Bohunk returns to hard hitting news whenever my classes aren't all on the same due date cycle as they are this week.
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