Friday, June 18, 2010

Word Awaits

Hello All,

No word yet about sponsorship from City Bike Shop. I received an email from Terry, who is the team manager for the squad but no official invite from the shop owner himself. It is a little worrying but I supposed these things take some time to get together.

Good day training on the slopes yesterday, about 40 miles with roughly 12 of them coming on steep, categorized climbs. I am feeling pretty good heading into the Big M race next Sunday and hoping to come out with a pretty strong result. The Specialized I am riding is very nice and I am benefitting greatly from the new drivetrain.

The World Cup is on, so it is safe of the reader to assume that "USA, USA"-ing is going to be the main activity of my morning. Congrats to Serbia and Switzerland also, those are some great upsets that make this whole tournament just that much more exciting.

I hope everything is going well in your neck of the woods, better post soon,


Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Hello There World,

This is the virginal exploration of my blog. This is going to be fun so try and stay tuned. Today, which, for all of us may be considered DAY 1 because of its massive weight as the first post, was the first with honest potential as sponsorship. Yes, our small bike team (three of us, count 'em) may finally have some support. Allow me to shed some light.
After five races this season, and some great results, Wes (one of the other three Bohunks and my twin brother) stumbled upon an opportunity with a local bike shop with the brilliant, catchy name of "The City Bike Shop". After getting a loose spoke fixed, he spoke with Terry, who may just be our ticket to mediocrity. We think we are going to get some kits, some support, and a TEAM for which to ride for and with.
Buoyed by this news, we took off into the thick humidity for a hilly 38 mile training ride. As visions of City Bike Shop jerseys and tight fitting shorts danced in our heads, we tackled a few big monsters and battled a tough headwind.
With this story-meat dangling, let me introduce the Flying Bohunk. My name is Cody, and I'm an English major. (That sounds like an AA introduction and unlike most famous writers it is not from experience). This blog is both to write and to raise support and awareness of whatever might be important at any given moments. I imagine myself a writer, like far too many people, I'm sure. It is what I do and what I enjoy.
If you choose to follow this blog, you will be extremely happy with yourself, probably. I will try to focus on cycling, but real life is going to creep into that, just as surely as cycling will creep into real life. It is impossible to keep things divided because everything is apart of you. That is the beauty of this mortal life; you only get one and what you choose to include in it is always going to be a part of who and what you are.
Off to waste some time, though you can expect some posts in the near future, including...
-Did the Flying Bohunk get the sponsor?
-What did the Flying Bohunk have for breakfast?
-What the deuce is a Bohunk? (Wiki that)
All the best, folks.