Friday, October 15, 2010

Weekend Whorrior of the Week, Breast Cancer and Your Favorite Socialist!

It is National Cancer Awareness Month, and there is some research emerging to help pinpoint causes of certain types of cancer. Drug and Saftey officials have released a study showing evidence that people who had taken antibiotics were 17.5% more likely to develop breast cancer. A possible theory for this infers from the data that women who have taken anitbiotics, espcially over a longer period of time, have a weaker immune system and are less likley to be able to defend against cancerous cells. Researchers encourage women to resist recurrent antibiotic use and also futher analysis of the drugs on the market.

In a happy, non-threatening or unnerving story, (no really, it's cool)Russia has agreed to help Hugo Chavez build Venezuela's very first nuclear power plant. These two oil producing countries are both rapidly building nuclear power facilities to combat their massive dependency on oil...But we shouldn't be diversifying, should we? Congress has kindly said, "No, thank you, sir, we will stick to the stuff bubbling from the ground in other people's countries at an ever-decreasing rate" and ignored legislation backing nuclear power plants, as well as funding for other alternative energy sources.Here's a run-on sentence of wisdom; When the people who make money off the thing they are trying to reduce their dependency on invest in new technology, it is a pretty good sign that others should do the same. Especially good ol 'Merica.

It's Thursday, and the Bohunk would like to announce this week's Whorrior of the Weekend. Thirsty Thursdays are a smashing success here at Grand Valley, where the parties rage into the wee hours of 1 or 2. This morning the walk of shame was especially brutal, with temperatures just above freezing. But did that stop Booty-Shorts McTankTop? NO! Clad only in garments fit to fall off a stripper, she sauntered with a mix of shame and soreness back to her Hillcrest apartment at 7:15 this frosty morn. That, my friends, is commitment to a lifestyle, and a horrible fear of actually meeting the guy who just spent a few drunken hours calling you the wrong name while feeling you up on a couch. Kudos to you, Booty-Shorts, and may you not smear your make up on your Hello Kitty pillow crying yourself to a soft, forgiving slumber this afternoon.

Special "Attaboy, way to be, Champ!" to Windows for a great new operating system...Check it out on their website.

You've been great, enjoy Jason DeRulo, oh that alreay happened? Okay, have a great weekend and come to Peak2Peak if you're Up North, eh?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hot Chileans, the Bucknuts and L'Alpe D'Huez

It's the Thursday before the last race of the Boneyard Calendar; Peak2Peak Mountain Bike Classic. For the Sport riders, it's two laps of roughly 400 feet of climbing per loop in what is expected to be low 40 degree temperatures at the start. So today, it's all about resting while spinning and gawking for about an hour on a short ride around campus. Have to keep fresh, though a few hard efforts will be thrown in for honesty.

Congratulations to the Chilean miners who are now safe and with their families. They are a testament to the human will to persevere and to have faith in others. The time and effort put in by rescue workers was tremendous and they deserve so much credit and thanks.

This weekend matchup of Ohio State (1) and Wisconsin (18) will not only decide how worthy the Bucknuts are of their ranking but also of the depth of the Big Ten. If a team as good as Wisconsin, and as good as they have been at home, being in the thick of a 40-4 run at Camp Randall, can be ranked 18th, then the top ten must be amazing. Besides perhaps LSU or Oklahoma, no team is as unfairly ranked as the Badgers. Michigan State will continue to move up steadily if they win their league games, but it would be great to see more Big Ten pigskinners ranked long as they aren't Ohio State.

Christian Prodhomme, director of the Tour de France, is set to announce the route of the 2011 Tour next Tuesday. Spanish meat is not expected to be featured at the dinner, but contested champ Alberto Contador may not be present either. As he fights doping allegations, which could possibly be ruled on by Tuesday, though likely to be appealled, the 2 or 3 time champ (get it?) was rumored to be uninvited. There is some speculation that he will not be featured in video or photos from last year's race, not an easy thing to do with a rider who, well, won. Concerning the route, expect a stage with two trips up L'Alpe D'huez, an unprecedented novelty on the most storied Alpine climb. It was also the site of a mountain time trial in 2005 in which Lance Armstrong broke the record for the climb's ascent.

For your literary advancment, please read Andrew Marvell's "A Dialougue Between Body and Soul", availble on google books or any number of online sources. It is an intrguing look at the most human of conflicts, the perpetual imbalance between spiritual and temporal pleasure.

Thanks, enojoy your Thursday, and watch Community tonight on NBC at 8. There will not be a quiz but I expect references and quotations from the episode in a summary due next week. Roll on, folks...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Brett Favre's "Little Gunslinger", Tony Gwynn and Weight loss...

Brett Favre could not quite recapture his Monday Night Football Magic in the final NFL game of the week. He tossed 3 TD's but fumbled as many times and threw the game ending interception for a TD resulting in a celebration which featured much joy and gyration. The play was, again, indicative of the negative side of "The Gunslinger" thinking with his "Little Gunslinger" (ask Jenn Sterger for photos) and making key mistakes to lose games. The Jets have now won three in a row and tip-toeing under the radar in spite of being the most vocal and obnoxious team in the NFL when it doesn't matter, the off-season. At least they are winning now...

Baseball legend Tony Gwynn has announced he has been diagnosed with cancer and that he suspects chewing tobacco as the cause. Here's a big "Attaboy, babe-ee" to Mr. Gwynn for admitting the connection and warning young people about chewing. Major leaguers are (barely) professional athletes and serve as role models for children and teens. To have a pro speak to the consequences of chewing tobacco, especially one with the respect and pedigree Tony Gwynn has in the sport, many kids will see the dangers and stop chewing. Besides, to quote one girl on the topic of chomping the chaw, "Ewwww!".

For the dieters out there, and for those who should be, comes the tip of the day. By switching from 2% milk to skim milk, you save enough calories (mostly from fat) to lose 7 pounds about a year, depending on your milk consumption. If you eat cereal everyday, for example, that number could be as much as 15 pounds, just by switching to skim milk. It will still turn colors in your Trix, so make the switch and lose some weight. Also, stop eating the ENTIRE pizza and share a slice or two with a friend! That's just polite, chunky...

In Bohunk news, the Peak2Peak Mountain Bike Classic is this Saturday at the beautiful Crystal Mountain Resort, located just outside the bussling, sprawling metropolis of Thompsonville. If you would still like to sign up, go to and search for the race. The event features food and drink from area vendors, including beer from the title sponsor, Right Brain Brewery. Wes and I will be riding two laps at a brisk but manageable pace on the 11.5 mile course. It is gonna be a "real humdinger" according the race organizers, so if you have any interest, stop by and enojoy a microbew and some two wheeled fun.

Thanks for reading, remember to tip your waitress, she has to pay her phone bill too....

Monday, October 11, 2010

MSU/U of M Recap, Obama and an SS officer...

Turn up the Thermostat, Lucifer, the Lions won a game...

It is nearly election season and tensions among parties have become terse. Democrats, including Mr. Obama himself (or, Himself, if you're a TRUE liberal)has criticized Republican candidates for accepting funds for their campaigns from undisclosed sources. New legislation from the past year stimpulates that candidates who fund their own campaign and refuse any Federal or State aid need not reveal where their money comes from; fair enough, say most Republicans. However, these means big business and even foreign companies, or even governments, covertly, could fund and therefore influence these elections. While Democrats can offer no proof that these Republicans are accepting funds from foreign companies, and the Republicans denounce the claim, they have no need to admit the fact even if they did accept the cash. Our government is becoming less transparent, and as you see the actions of these candidates, remember to follow the money.

You may have noticed THE GREATEST GAME IN THE HISTORY OF SPORT as proclaimed by the Bohunk last week ended up a 34-17 drubbing, with MSU putting up 500 yards of offense. If you give up that kind of yardage (and I'm looking at you, Michigan only slightly defensive coordinator Gregg Williams) you will lose in the Big Ten. Michigan's defense was only arguably inconvenient,daintly offering light arm tackles and sauntering lazily after receivers down the field. Not to discredit MSU, but U of M's defense was almost non-existent. And Denard Robinson? Not a bad game, as some have said; over 200 yards passing and just under 100 rushing. If you have read this blo before, you will remember it being pointed out that Denard's most dangerous ally is, in fact, his dreadlocks. I will add that he is not even the most explosive rusher at his position. Denard has 8 rushing TD's averaging 29 yards per rush, while Nebraska's Taylor "Very Swift" Martinez has 12 rushing TD's averaging almost 35 yards per jaunt.

In cycling, Oscar Freire won the Paris-Tours, a fall Classic race of some fame and importance(trust me). With seven Spanish riders under "intense scrutiny" by their government and the UCI, cycling's governing body, Freire is a lonely example of a consistent rider who has never been implicated in a doping scandal. Unfortunately, Freire is considering retiring after the 2011 season when his current contract with Rabobank expires. It is somewhat similar situation than one faced in baseball; after the 1998 McGwire-Sosa season-long home run derby, steroid speculation grew. Ken Griffey, Jr., a top ten career home run leader was never once mentioned as allegations swept the majors, from Jose Conseco to Rafael Palmero and Alex Rodriquez. Freire symbolizes that same innocent figure, and is important to the image and integrity of the sport.

You know what is fun? Battle reenactments. Who doesn't love dressing up like a heroic figure from the past and pretending to kill some other middle-aged fogies that pride themselves on "dying" honorably, as if its significant practice for the real thing? But usually, dressing up as an SS footsoldier, once of the most feared instruments of death and terror by Nazi Germany during the second World War, does not go over well. And if you're an elected government official, say, a U.S. Congressmen, pictures of it might just look bad. But Republican Rich Lott of Ohio did not let that get in the way of a good time. Photos of the representative surfaced on the internet, and now even his Republican chums won't invite him to their fundraisers, which is the high school equavalent of not being asked to hang with your chums at the mall and check out the new Katherine Heigl flick. Absolutely crushing.

Have an excellent day, and tell your friends to check out the post. Thanks!