Thursday, June 24, 2010

While THE FLYING BOHUNK and the brother have received both a formal acceptance from THE city bike shop, no real developments have taken place. No jerseys, no discounts and no word since the email confirming our places in the team. That is fine, I suppose, though it does not give one the warm and fuzzies.

Big M race this Sunday, and after a short recon this past Sunday, the course is not inviting. It is bumpier than a Whitney Houston marriage. The trails are not very well worn and the majority of the ride is on a mix of roots, grass and pine needles. There are only some sections of more heavily used trails that are used enough to actually expose dirt. The course is also very poorly marked; we got lost several times. I also took a pretty rough knock and tumble after hitting a gigantic stump.

The positive aspect of the course it that it is has very vertical portions, even one climb that is longer than any other from the previous races this season. That could be just enough to save me a place or two overall, and Wes could even win, I think, with a decent effort.

Almost Tour de France time....Team Armstrong or Team COntador...I'm making T-Shirts.