For the past ten years, the Bohunk rode as a member of "Jenks Boneyard", a fictitious cycling sponsor that drew blank looks and puzzled faces at nearly every race. The Boneyardigans consisted of myself, my twin brother Wes and our Bill Murray-looking father, Joe. We won our very fair share of races and lingered on more than a few podiums.

In 2011, Wes and I will join Hagerty, one of Michigan's top cycling squads for the amateur scene. Based out of our hometown, Traverse City, The Bohunk Brothers will be racing a full schedule both on the road and off, including some of the largest races in Michigan. Following below is a very tentative schedule for the Spring Classics (a term I've adapted here because it sounds really cool):

~ March 26th Barry-Roubaix in Middleville, Michigan.

~May 7th Mud, Sweat and Beers in Traverse City, Michigan.

~ Tour of Frankenmuth in Frankenmuth, Michigan.

~ June 4th and 5th, West Branch Criterium and Road Race in West Branch, Michigan.

~ June 11th and 12th, Mount Pleasant Criterium and Road Race in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.

(All races subject to change)