Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Queen James, Tornado Warning, and (More!) Tainted Spanish Meat...

The Cowboys lost. Again. While it ruins my chances at Monday Night Pick'em for the rest of the season, it ends all hope for the 'Pokes; no playoffs, no winning season, no new starlet girlfriend for Romo as his broken collarbone heals in the coming weeks. Romo will be replaced by Jon Kitna, the one time savior of the Lions over a span of roughly 6 games before plummeting to lose the rest of the games that season. Hopefully, he does the same for Dallas.

In weather, a topic rarely breached in the Update, there is a tornado warning effective until Tuesday in Michigan, from Kalamazoo to Mecosta County. As I pedaled into a 20 mph wind yesterday and woke to a 30 mph wind this morning, I wondered what, in deed, was going on. It' 67 degrees in Michigan in October. If you don't believe in climate shift, go suck an egg. That is all...

The NBA opens tomorrow night with Queen James and his Heat taking on the Celtics. After all the hype and annoying sports talk jabber, actual basketball sounds mildly interesting. I watch the play-offs; the regular season seems a bit redundant. James goes into Boston with a new team, a new ad campaign and a new shoe deal in the works with Nike. Expect a round of the glorious boo-birds ringing in his ears as he takes the court. He is a coward for leaving the Cavs, but basketball fans must know; you are forgotten if you don't win rings. They also remember how you got them, LeBron.

In the Case of Contador and the Tainted Spanish Meat (sounds like a book series) the 2 or 3 time Tour de France champion's home town of Pinto, Spain, gathered to create a 3 km human chain in support of the beleagured champion. Really, they were just trying to shield him as he began another drug transfusion behind them. Earlier in the month, the mayor of the small town hung a yellow banner from town hall as a show of support for the rider, who has disappeared since denying use late last month. No decision has been made in his case.

In other cycling news, Contador's one time teammate and one time rival Lance Armstrong announced he will end his international cycling career at the Tour Down Under in January. The Australian stage race was Armstrong's first during his comeback from retirement two years ago thie spring. Armstrong, like Contador, is under investigaton of doping charges and a litany of other offenses. (One day,there will be a story without doping charges, I promise) All this Federal money to investigate a man who pedaled faster than other men in tightly fitting clothing around France. There are homeless people who could use a roof over their heads; let the UCI deal with Lance.

And now, the first ever Poll by the Update; Who is in the World Series? Originally, I had hoped for readers to choose a winner, but it sounds like no one knows who is playing. Leave a comment with the teams and, if you know that, who will win. Hint: It's not the Cubs.

That's all we have time for this morning. Thanks for the read and tell your friends. It will get better before it gets worse; I'm planning to write some reall crappy stuff later in the week. Enjoy "Community" on NBC tonight!


  1. Lance may also ride ToC, Tour of Colorado and tour of the gila..
    community is one tonight?

  2. No Community is on Thursday, my bad. And it's Lance's last INTERNATIONAL race, I'll be anything he will be at those US races.