Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Baking with Sylvia Plath, Cliff Lee and Limewire....

LeBron began his season of destiny with a thud. A loss to the Celtics, 31 points and the announced shoe release is a mixed day for Queen James, though for those writing off the Heat as too ungainly, please be reminded. It was one game, in October. These guys will be good; we can only hope not good enough to take titles.

A New York judge has ruled that Limewire, the file sharing network most students "share" music on, must shut down operations it software. The ruling comes five months after Limewire lost a suit which claimed it violated volumes of copyright laws for years on end. The ailing music industry will certainly hail the announcement as a victory; Jim Riemersma, 32, an unemployed philosophy major who downloads hundreds of files everyday, which surely see this as, "total crap".

Boise State, the thorn in the side of the BCS, won again last night in an impressive win over Lousiana Tech. Yes, I said an impressive win of Lousiana Tech. While many detractors of the Broncos say that a team who plays nobody should have no shot at the title, I think it is only fair that they have the opportunity which they have been denied for three seasons now. They can only beat the teams the play; nobody, and I mean nobody, is stupid enough to play Boise State. Look at Virginia Tech; they were thumped by Boise, and are limping along at 5-2 after losing to James Madison. Any coach who says Boise State doesn't deserve to play in the title game should be forced to play Boise and back it up.

It's Game 1 of the World Series, and all you need to know is that Cliff Lee is pitching for the Rangers....

A study found that roughly half of the students in the U.S. have experienced bullying in some form over the last 12 months. This holds true to the Bohunk's very own study conducted five minutes ago; we know that everyone gets picked on. Humans are the most cruel species on the earth, and none is so cruel as a group of children. But the recent trend of specified, hateful bullying is something new. It may be the product of decaying family structures, violent video and television exposure, poor economic climate or a comination of everything. We need to treat each other better. Period.

A friend of Jenn Sterger says she saw the innappropriate pictures sent by Brett Favre when he was a member of the Jets. She and Sterger "laughed", which I'm sure made Brett just shrivel up... on the inside. With his current injured ankle, the bad image and the terrible season, I think Brett would be wise and excused for quietly limping off into the sunset this week. But, he won't. He'll drag this all out until ESPN no longer covers him. Whatever you have to do Brett, I guess keep on.

Happy birthday, kind of, to the great Sylvia Plath, who was born this day in 1932. Plath was an excellent poet and was of the most well known in American literature. Most will remember her masterpiece "The Bell Jar".

Police in La Paz, Bolivia have arrested a women attempting to mail a mummy to France. The woman had a mummy, believed to be an Incan man, marked for standard post to Compiege, France. Where did she get the mummy? And why France? No idea....

You've been great, tune in to "Modern Family" at 9 after you get bored of the World Series which starts at 8.

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