Monday, October 25, 2010

Choke-lahoma, Robots vs. Humans, and "Dubya"....

What a weekend! The computer's number one (Chokelahoma) lost while the humans' number one kept itself unsoiled by the filth and squalor of defeat last Thursday. Of course I speak of the Oregon Ducks, or, as long as they keep winning, MY Oregon Ducks. This again proves the superiority of humans over machines, and the stupidity of math formulas decided the best team in the country. Let the computers revolt! Humans can survive! Look at the polls!

Also, professional football players plied their trade on Sunday after the amateurs. Some of the amateurs could be professional though; they are getting paid by agents. Some of the professionals should not be employed (I'm looking at you, Drew Stanton) but still make millions.

Brett Favre was grilled by investigators last week for taking pictures of his "Lil' Gunslinger" and sending them to Jenn Sterger, now of "The Daily Line", which you probably haven't seen. After the Vikings' loss to the Packers, head coach Brad Childress questioned his veteran quarterback's decision making. He should be wondering why a 40 year old man is sending naked pictures of himself to a woman half his age; or why he cannot decided if he wants to play football every other week; or if he is even worthy of starting for the Vikings right now. Really, the Vikings should be questioning if Favre is worth all the trouble. If this was a player by any other name, he would be on the bench. And after re-injuring his troubled ankle last night, he may break his consecutive starts streak, the only milestone he will achieve this season. Oh how the vain do fall....

Do you think Afghanistan is a backwards crooked country? Might they be, perhaps, in the pocket of our enemies while we continue to act as police officers in their country? Well, you're right! When asked if his Chief of Staff accepted money from the government of Iran, President Karzai (who admitted to rigging elections on not one but two occasions) said, "Yes, yes we did." Cue the double take; not only does Karzai have the hefty cojones to accept the money for what he called "campaign financing", he has the massive stones to admit it to the world. You may recall a Bohunk Update from weeks past on the topic of Republicans possibly accepting campaign money from abroad, which they denied. Governments are terrified to be thought of as in debt to other countries, though are not ashamed to be bought and their campaigns funded by corporations. For example, Republicans denied taking foreign money, but were "totally cool" with accepting millions from Target. However, Karzai has no problem with his funding. It is amazing to think of. This is the equivalent of Barack Obama accepting cash from Cuba while in office and saying, "I got the cash, let's go ball." It's unabashed corruption. Let's bring our troops home; Iran can protect Karzai.

Scary surprise of the century? Former President George "Dubyah" Bush will release a book on his presidency on this November 9th. It would have been out sooner, but the ghost writer had a difficult time transcribing Bush's crayon drawings into words. It didn't help that Bush drew Cheney as a robot for 429 pages. The ex-Pres, which 71% of the country reportedly blames for the current economic failures, said the book with be "an exhaustive, chronological account" of his life and time in office. Wow, sounds like something I won't be able to put down. Tip: Don't ever call your own book "exhaustive" in any context.

That's all, it will be better tomorrow folks. Enjoy Giants vs. Cowboys tonight, I'll bet you anything Romo throws an interception and then turns to the side with a really dumb look on his face. Watch for it, happens every time....

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