Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Changing Gears

It's nearly the end of the season, and it is important to understand that there is little fitness left to be gained, no small secret that is going to drastically alter your climbing ability in the next few days, or even a miracle gel or drink that is going to give you a boost (though I hear Spanish meat has been known to work wonders!). The Broheem and I have but one last Hurrah!, or as I like to say, Pip Pip (Harvard style) until its that wonderful-dreadful offseason.

While I am excited to take a little time away from training, I am already bored just thinking about the trainer or the gym. I can try to survive the cold for a short while, perhaps until November, but there will assuredly come a time where I will be going very fast and but literally going nowhere.

With that thought making my skin crawl, I am planning to run a few 5k races and try to see how many miles I can fit in a month. Running is something I used to really enjoy and can get excited about. Not very excited, but it may be just enough to get me out of bed.

So, I will soldier on. Tomorrow is an off-day before 7 hours of classes in the afternoon, but this weekend (and Monday) will involve some pedaling. My plan is to alternate between two and two and a half hour rides over the weekend, ending up with roughly 170 miles over four days. That is called "overloading" folks, and it has really worked for me this season. The rest of the week I just ride short and hard and taper off drastically. I will probably not go over 120 miles in the next four days combined! If you are on form this late in the season, overloading can be a great strategy for you going into your last race or too.

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