Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cold Weather Riding

I am aboout to embark on a ride in 39 degree weather with a frigid wind out of the north. A quick tip to anyone who may not enjoy riding in this type of weather is to wear TOO MUCH clothing; being a bit too warm once you are moving can have its benefits, but being too cold only makes the ride less enjoyable and not worth the effort. Try to include aspects of clothing that serve two distinct purposes. First, make sure your jacket, tights and gloves block the wind, or at least claim to. Experimenting with different coats you may already have is a good way to see what works best, rather than going out to buy new. Second, make sure you have something warm and fluffy to trap your body heat in. Try not to have cotton directly on your skin, as it will become damp and make your body colder. Put the fluffy stuff over a base layer, such as UnderArmour or a cycling equivalent.

Happy riding, don't give in to the weather yet!

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