Thursday, October 7, 2010

UofM vs. MSU, Contador and Pusan

Good morning all! Today marks the 60th anniversary of a too-often-forgotten date in history. In 1950, the U.S. crossed the 38th parallel in Korea, storming into the northern portion of the peninsula after hanging by a thread for months near Pusan, South Korea. This attack pushed the war to the very borders of China, provoking a Chinese soldiers to join the North Koreans and push back the U.S. and International forces. The war would rage for two more years, costing many men, women and children their lives and solving nothing. The treaty reached that halted armed conflict was signed, but today, the border between North and South Korea is one of the most armed and tense in the world. U.S soldiers and other peace-keeping troops have been stationed there for the past 60 years. Please take a moment to remember this conflict...and promise never to allow these wars to happen again.

I would also like to make a reading recommendation. Folks, I like to read. It's good for you, it makes you smarter and it sure beats the hell out of watching bad TV (and yes, I mean GLEE with this reference). So, go to your local library and check out To The Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf. Her prose is amazing, poignant and mimicks reality and our own experience in the world that it is easy to connect to. Go be literate!

In cycling news, The New York Times reports that testing in the Cologne, Germany lab which found Alberto Contador's "tainted beef" positive has also claimed that tests reveal an elevated level of plasticizers, which indicate IV use. The IV bags used for blood transfusions do not immediately incriminate the 3-time TDF champ, but boy oh boy it sure don't look good. Contador has not responded to these allegations directly, a very different reaction than his protest of innocence to the clenbuterol charges earlier this month. Cycling fans can see the Contador issue as one of two scenarios; it is either a terrible misunderstanding and the fault of WADA(World Anti-Doping Agency) for being too meticulous, or we can see this asas the system is working! The sport is cleaning up in ways that other drug beleagured sports like baseball and football can only dream (or pretend) of because unlike those sports, cheaters in cycling are being caught! The five (count'em) positive tests from the Vuelta show that the war on doping is being won.

Finally, THE FLYING BOHUNK would like to invite you (yes you, right there) to pick the winner of the U of M vs MSU game this Saturday. With both teams undefeated and both rising in the Top 25, this has the potential to be one of THE GREATEST GAMES IN THE HISTORY OF SPORT, and I only claim that once or twice a month. It's Denard Robinson and his dreadlocks (which are his closest ally, let's admit it, he has no supporting talent) against Eric "Cody Tackled Me in High School" Gordon and a very strong MSU defense. Oh, and their offense it pretty good too. This game could easily see 80 points scored between them. If I was a betting man, and I'm not because I'm poor, I would take the OVER and put $100 on it. Leave a comment with your pick and the score, and the winner gets to point to themselves and say "I win, take that, ex-girlfriend." Thanks folks, enjoy the day!

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