Tuesday, March 8, 2011

TC Training Camp: Day Four

There are, in the lives of men, moments of clarity and unrivalled certainty. Today, whilst on my bicycle, I absorbed some of those moments. Not in a performance sense, but an olfactory one. It is Fat Tuesday, and the small village of Cedar fell into my route about an hour and a half from starting. The quaint little town is famous for the Polish Festival each summer, and it flashed its famous Polish freak flag today as well. The local mini-mart/bakery/butcher/gas station filled the entire town with the sweet sugary scent of paczkis so thickly that I had a bit lingering on me for a mile or two, and that on top of an awful lot of sweat and mud. The Polish flag thhst flies on the hill overlooking Cedar was proudly flapping, and the Bohunk has never been so fond of my fellow Eastern Europeans as on this very day. The ride itself was forty miles with about 1,700 feet of climbing on four hills and a handful of undulating inclines around lealanau peninsula. The weather got up to a very comfortable 36 degrees and the wind was only troublesome for a short portion of the ride. Afterwards I was lucky enough to see the fixed gear wizard himself, Dennis Bean-Larson, for some bike talk. We are looking to create a Cyclocross squad for the fall. The kit, I will note, is awesome and I think the project as a whole would be an impressive product to get the Fixed Gear Gallery and Hell Yes Clothing some great exposure. As always, the link to both sites can be found to the right of this post. Thanks for checking on with the Bohunk, and I'll keep you updated on everything as it comes up.
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