Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Video Clip of the Week, Snowlacaust Photos…

To close the day, and prepare you for Thursday night’s NBC line-up of awesomeness, I submit for your viewing pleasure, the greatest moment in TV history besides some historical happenings and goings on. This is from Parks and Recreation, just a part of the best night of television of all time. (Hyperbole points:3)


DJ Roomba

In other news, the Bohunk has survived the Snowlacaust. Below are some pictures of the snow depths, relative to cars and apartment buildings. Everyone is dug out from under the snow, except the lazy friggin’ pot heads, but they aren’t going anywhere, anyway.

Snowlacaust2011 001
The snow was near the hoods of these cars over here…

Snowlacaust2011 002
And drifted three or four feet high in between these cars here.
Everyone is accounted for in the apartment complex… Though
there are some Weekend Whorriors making poor, herpes spreading decisions with the day off of classes….

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