Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Predicting the Super Bowl: Uniforms

This Super Bowl pits together two of the most iconic and original uniforms in the NFL...and they both show it. The designs are, without a doubt, timeless. The Packers green and yellow, and the oft-imitated (or blatantly copied) "G", (I'm looking at you, Georgia!) has been unchanged in the past fifty years. The Steelers, too, have inspired some amateur football uniforms of their own. During the mid-sixties, the University of Iowa got ahold of the Pittsburg yellow and black stripe and has been using that scheme ever since. The Bohunk likes the tradition uniforms; can you imagine the Detroit Red Wings with some strange bastardized version of the Winged Wheel, or the New York Yankees with awkwardly juxtaposed "N" and"Y"? No, you can't, and neither can I. The Steelers have the fearsome scheme, black and yellow, but they have been skimping on the helmet decals; the Bohunk has just never got the logo on one side of the dome. The Packers are more liberal; the G graces left as right sides of the helmet, making theirs the easier one to place on commentators desks during pre-game and half time.

The verdict is not an easy one. Both teams have some points in their favor; it comes down, admittedly, to personal preference. The Steelers have the intimidating color scheme, but there is just something classy about the Packers green and gold. They get the points, and lead 14-7 with just two more days of formulaic input left. Tomorrow, we look at another input, one that may prove pivital; criminal charges and investigations/fines.

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