Friday, February 4, 2011

Foxy Friday, Predicting the Super Bowl: Nightlife

Foxy Friday, folks, and the final Super Bowl prediction. Let's do the pick first, then savor the sweetness of Foxitude for the remainder...

Which city, Green Bay or Pittsburgh has championship quality nightlife? Well, after some research, the results will not in anyway shock you. Pittsburgh, it turns out, has more than three times as many bars as Green Bay. In fact, it has more joints classified as 'adult entertainment' as Green Bay as restaurants. So, frankly, championship caliber nightlife is a one-sided Input Factor. Almost depressingly one-sided. But, take heart Packers fans, your Green Bay side still takes the win, 21-14. Yes, the Bohunk's final Super Bowl prediction is 21-14, making the Green Bowl Packers the World Champions of tackle football. Write this down....

BJ Raji touchdown celebration vs. Bears…Great stuff

It's Foxy Friday, and today, we honor the reverberating foxitude of Alison Brie, or, as we all know her, Annie from "Community". Brie was born in Hollywood, CA and grew up in LA. She got her start in the Jewish acting community (that hotbed of acting talent),getting her first starring role as Toto in “The Wizard of Oz”. She has since gone on to “Community” fame, though has appeared on “Mad Men”, “Hannah Montana” and other series. To note, her mother was  a teacher at a community college….

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