Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Egypt: Revolution in 140 Characters or Less

In just a super cool move, Google and Twitter teamed up yesterday to let Egyptians voice their concerns and communicate whilst overthrowing their government, or at least attempting to. The Egyptian government attempted to remove all Internet access in the nation, eliminating social networking sites like Twitter that had been fueling protest organization and the massive outpouring of citizens intent on removing longtime President Mubarack. On Saturday and Sunday of the past week, engineers put together a system to let Egyptians post tweets by phone call, either from their cell or a landline, that would be converted into a tweet and branded with the #Egypt hash tag. Yesterday’s protest swelled to tens of thousands of people in spite of the loss of Internet, and, so the government claims, the shut off of all cellular phones. Up until Sunday, only a limited number of institutions in Egypt had these services, which are now, supposedly, completely shut down.

Very clear statement, kudos to the writing department…

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