Thursday, January 27, 2011

Protest Like An Egyptian…

Tensions (already oatmeal-thick) are growing as tens of thousands of Egypt’s youth are marching and protesting around their country calling for the end of President Hosni Mubrarak’s reign in the nation. Hundreds of protestors have already been detained in two days of heavy demonstrations, especially in the capital of Cairo. Yesterday, a government building was burned, set alight by young protestors battling police officers. The government has okayed the use of rubber bullets, batons, tear gas and long bamboo staves. The government has a complex anti-demonstration and riot apparatus to use in response to these marches, but reporters say that whenever their progress is inhibited by the police force, they grow more violent and defiant. Protests in Alexandria were forcibly quelled by police officers firing volley after volley into a crowd that removed a portrait of Mubarack from a building near the city center. The protestors vow to keep up the demonstrations until Mubarack removes himself from the government, which, it seems, he has no intention of doing.

Protestors peacefully state their case…Until someone throws a rock.

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