Monday, October 11, 2010

MSU/U of M Recap, Obama and an SS officer...

Turn up the Thermostat, Lucifer, the Lions won a game...

It is nearly election season and tensions among parties have become terse. Democrats, including Mr. Obama himself (or, Himself, if you're a TRUE liberal)has criticized Republican candidates for accepting funds for their campaigns from undisclosed sources. New legislation from the past year stimpulates that candidates who fund their own campaign and refuse any Federal or State aid need not reveal where their money comes from; fair enough, say most Republicans. However, these means big business and even foreign companies, or even governments, covertly, could fund and therefore influence these elections. While Democrats can offer no proof that these Republicans are accepting funds from foreign companies, and the Republicans denounce the claim, they have no need to admit the fact even if they did accept the cash. Our government is becoming less transparent, and as you see the actions of these candidates, remember to follow the money.

You may have noticed THE GREATEST GAME IN THE HISTORY OF SPORT as proclaimed by the Bohunk last week ended up a 34-17 drubbing, with MSU putting up 500 yards of offense. If you give up that kind of yardage (and I'm looking at you, Michigan only slightly defensive coordinator Gregg Williams) you will lose in the Big Ten. Michigan's defense was only arguably inconvenient,daintly offering light arm tackles and sauntering lazily after receivers down the field. Not to discredit MSU, but U of M's defense was almost non-existent. And Denard Robinson? Not a bad game, as some have said; over 200 yards passing and just under 100 rushing. If you have read this blo before, you will remember it being pointed out that Denard's most dangerous ally is, in fact, his dreadlocks. I will add that he is not even the most explosive rusher at his position. Denard has 8 rushing TD's averaging 29 yards per rush, while Nebraska's Taylor "Very Swift" Martinez has 12 rushing TD's averaging almost 35 yards per jaunt.

In cycling, Oscar Freire won the Paris-Tours, a fall Classic race of some fame and importance(trust me). With seven Spanish riders under "intense scrutiny" by their government and the UCI, cycling's governing body, Freire is a lonely example of a consistent rider who has never been implicated in a doping scandal. Unfortunately, Freire is considering retiring after the 2011 season when his current contract with Rabobank expires. It is somewhat similar situation than one faced in baseball; after the 1998 McGwire-Sosa season-long home run derby, steroid speculation grew. Ken Griffey, Jr., a top ten career home run leader was never once mentioned as allegations swept the majors, from Jose Conseco to Rafael Palmero and Alex Rodriquez. Freire symbolizes that same innocent figure, and is important to the image and integrity of the sport.

You know what is fun? Battle reenactments. Who doesn't love dressing up like a heroic figure from the past and pretending to kill some other middle-aged fogies that pride themselves on "dying" honorably, as if its significant practice for the real thing? But usually, dressing up as an SS footsoldier, once of the most feared instruments of death and terror by Nazi Germany during the second World War, does not go over well. And if you're an elected government official, say, a U.S. Congressmen, pictures of it might just look bad. But Republican Rich Lott of Ohio did not let that get in the way of a good time. Photos of the representative surfaced on the internet, and now even his Republican chums won't invite him to their fundraisers, which is the high school equavalent of not being asked to hang with your chums at the mall and check out the new Katherine Heigl flick. Absolutely crushing.

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