Friday, October 15, 2010

Weekend Whorrior of the Week, Breast Cancer and Your Favorite Socialist!

It is National Cancer Awareness Month, and there is some research emerging to help pinpoint causes of certain types of cancer. Drug and Saftey officials have released a study showing evidence that people who had taken antibiotics were 17.5% more likely to develop breast cancer. A possible theory for this infers from the data that women who have taken anitbiotics, espcially over a longer period of time, have a weaker immune system and are less likley to be able to defend against cancerous cells. Researchers encourage women to resist recurrent antibiotic use and also futher analysis of the drugs on the market.

In a happy, non-threatening or unnerving story, (no really, it's cool)Russia has agreed to help Hugo Chavez build Venezuela's very first nuclear power plant. These two oil producing countries are both rapidly building nuclear power facilities to combat their massive dependency on oil...But we shouldn't be diversifying, should we? Congress has kindly said, "No, thank you, sir, we will stick to the stuff bubbling from the ground in other people's countries at an ever-decreasing rate" and ignored legislation backing nuclear power plants, as well as funding for other alternative energy sources.Here's a run-on sentence of wisdom; When the people who make money off the thing they are trying to reduce their dependency on invest in new technology, it is a pretty good sign that others should do the same. Especially good ol 'Merica.

It's Thursday, and the Bohunk would like to announce this week's Whorrior of the Weekend. Thirsty Thursdays are a smashing success here at Grand Valley, where the parties rage into the wee hours of 1 or 2. This morning the walk of shame was especially brutal, with temperatures just above freezing. But did that stop Booty-Shorts McTankTop? NO! Clad only in garments fit to fall off a stripper, she sauntered with a mix of shame and soreness back to her Hillcrest apartment at 7:15 this frosty morn. That, my friends, is commitment to a lifestyle, and a horrible fear of actually meeting the guy who just spent a few drunken hours calling you the wrong name while feeling you up on a couch. Kudos to you, Booty-Shorts, and may you not smear your make up on your Hello Kitty pillow crying yourself to a soft, forgiving slumber this afternoon.

Special "Attaboy, way to be, Champ!" to Windows for a great new operating system...Check it out on their website.

You've been great, enjoy Jason DeRulo, oh that alreay happened? Okay, have a great weekend and come to Peak2Peak if you're Up North, eh?

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