Monday, November 1, 2010

Top 5 Scary Movies, Halloween, Fear vs. Sanity and Heroin....

Happy Halloween, and many, many condolences to the girls wondering what the hell happened and who that guy was....

It was a massive weekend for both professional and amateur football players alike. Nebraska beat heretofore undefeated Missouri to vault back up to 7th in the BCS, with two of the six teams ahead of them guranteed to lose (Aubun plays Alabama and TCU plays Utah) giving them control of their destiny. Oregon, My Oregon, smoked USC and kindly siddled past Auburn to take over the top spot in both the (superior) human polls and the robotic one. Michigan State crumpled like a drunken French Maid at a Halloween party (festive, no?) to Iowa...The Bohunk predicts the typical State towel-throwing-after-a-loss behavior in weeks to come.

In the professional ranks, the Detroit Lions won their second game of the season against the (politically incorrectly) named Washingon Native Americans. The Dallas Cowboys, a popular Super Bowl pick by many pundits, lost to Jacksonville, leaving them a win behind Detroit and only one ahead of the victory-less Bills. Take that, every television pundit in America. Further proof that all predictions are equal and meaningless, and even more support that all the games should be played, even the supposedly lopsided ones.

Brett Favre started to preserve his streak alive, but was knocked out in the fourth with a blow to the chin in a loss against the much better Patriots. He then spent 20 minutes (and ESPN covered nearly all of it) spouting how tough the hit was and how other players would be out for a long time if they were him. He praised himself for his toughness, his physique, boyish goodlooks....Fav-ree is the most self-adulating player in the sport. However, he forgets to mention his team is 2-5 (tied with Detroit, I will add) and he has thrown more interceptions than TDs and has looked just plain ugly most of the season. And Jenn Sterger is reportedly meeting with the NFL on sexual harrassment allegations...Could be a tough week for the "Ol' Gunslinger", and his "Lil' Gunslinger" too.

In cycling news, the very Australian Michael Rogers signed with Team Sky, joining Brad Wiggins and a host of others for the 2011 season. Rogers is a world class time trialer and stage racer, and with this type of commited support in July could be a real threat overall. His time at HTC-Columbia was spent working for Mark Cavendish on the flat stages when he should have been resting like the other contenders. At Sky, he will have that luxury....
At the Haunted Halloween Challenge, the Flying Bohunk snagged fourth in the Group B race, losing contact with the lead group after a dropped chain. I think I would have been in the mix for the win without the mishap. The rest of the race was spent alone, just a man and his thoughts, powering in a laughably strong wind and climbing some rough,steep grassy knolls. Not a bad ride at all...

Reports from Baghdad state that 58 people were killed in a standoff between Iraqi security forces and armed gunmen holed up with hostages in a Catholic church. Authorities say the group appears to be connected to Al-Quaeda, as eight suspects were arrested. The casualties came as security forces stormed the church this morning when the gunmen detonated explosive vests just as the raid began. Two more gunmen were killed during the ensuing firefight. Roughly 120 people were in the church at the time of the gunmen's attack, indicating roughly half survived. Please take a moment today to think of these people and what you can do to stop the hate in this world....

According to former UK chief drug advisor Dr. Nutt, alcohol is the most dangerous drug in society. Its ready availability, abuse by all ages, damage to bodily organs, and its proven likelihood to introduce users to other drugs make it worse than crack, heroin, ecstasy and LSD. Keep that in mind this weekend....

The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear, hosted by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, attracted roughly 150,000 to 200,000 people to the National Mall Saturay. The event was a political rally "without polticians" meant to bring moderate and less divisive aspects of discourse back to the media and political environment. Not a bad turn out, and possibly a huge bump in voter turn-out tomorrow. And, I hear it was fairly humorous as well. Kudos, chaps.

As a final Halloween inclusion, I present the Top 5 Scariest Movies in the History of Mankind!

5) Alien
4) The Ring
3) Rec
2) Ju-On
1) The Thing

For the entire Top 50, go to

Thanks for reading, enjoy Monday Night Football this evening, and make sure to vote tomorrow, it's very important. (Except for Republicans,you guys, don't worry about it, you've got this one in the bag)

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