Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall of the Bucknuts, Poverty and Snooki's Stomach as Alderaan....

It's Monday, and that means there is a professional football game this evening. Tonight's installment of the Monday Night Football series matches the Tennesee Flaming Thumbtacks and the Jacksonville Spotted Cats in an AFC South divisional matchup. The Bohunk would like to highlight tonight the role of Jaguars tight end Marcedes Lewis, who is very quietly one of the top gentlemen at his position. He consistently grabs a few catches that should have been incomplete and often finds himself in possession of the pigskin while in the endzone. Keep an eye on him this evening.

In cycling news, Team Jenks Boneyard went to Crystal Mountain and walked out with fists stuffed with cookies and their successes being yodeled around the countryside by lederhosen clad Aryans perched on the rocky summit. In a very close race, Yours Truly scampered to fourth place after a broken derailluer kept me from shifting. Wes finished sixth after a similar problem and a crash near the finish. It was a Tour de France like race, with the leaders all very close and playing a game of cat and mouse. The mechanical difficulties effectively spelled D-O-O-M for the Boneyardigans, though with such a strong field, fourth and sixth is nothing to sniffle at.

Also, in mostly unrelated news, Lance Armstrong welcomed his fifth child, Olivia Maria Armstrong, to his ever-increasing peloton of youngsters. She is Armstrong second with girlfriend Anna Hansen, and he has three with his ex-wife Kristin. Expect a Nike contract for these kids soon...

Researchers of society and culture have given new credibility to what had formerly been a taboo topic in the field. The idea of a "Culture of Poerty", as presented in the mid-1960's by Daniel Patrick Moynihan, explains the effects of segregated living, low-income neighborhoods and a lack of familial cohesiveness as the reason to the perpetual poverty of African-Americans. The report, which shocked and awed in 1965 before being pushed to the back of the proverbial stove out of political correctness fears, has resurfaced as reports and new research point to this same reasoning nearly 50 years later. Experts say that poor living conditions and low expectations create a subdued attitude toward law and order, education and self-pride. And with roughly 44 million Americans of all color and creed living under the poverty line, this is a trend that endangers all future generations.

We saw Ohio State get crushed and exposed against the Cheese State's Badgers on Saturday, and the number one team for a single week has crumpled to number 10 in the new and fresh BCS rankings. Look out for Oregon, who has UCLA and USC still on the schedule which will keep their points average high. Michigan State can also move up by beating Big Eleven teams, as the Big Ten should be known. But, as the Great Jim Ooloey used to say, "There is an awful lot of football left...Sovis, move your ass!"

Go Rangers, cause if the Yankees make the World Series, they will be able to rebuild the Death Star and blow up Snooki's fat stomach...On th other hand....

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