Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Pope and Sexuality, Witches and Ducks....

When they say at Jude's Barbershop that it is where men get their haircut they are serious. I just saw them scold an eleven year old out of the building, telling him to come back when "His balls drop and his voice changes". Seemed a bit harsh to me.

Delaware Senate candidate and "Wicked Witch of the Northeast" Christine O'Donnell says that she regrets the television ad in witch (<--that's funny) she denied being a...witch. Campaign experts chortled 'round the country, saying "No shit, Christine." The ad was made after some opponents of O'Donnell claimed she was a magical sorceress. O'Donnell, a Republican (if the witch claims didn't give that away) felt threatened enough to by the allegations to spend a few hundred thousand dollars to defend her position (or cover?) as a right-wing Christian conservative who has even queried where in the Constition is seperation of church and state listed. We are on to you, O'Donnell....

The Michigan Department of Energy reported that the unemployment rate in Michigan "dipped" to 13.1% last month, the best since September 2009. The unemployment rate is still much higher than the national average, which was confirmed to be 9.2% as of August. The Michigan government needs to work on its wording; saying unemployment "dipped" to 13% is like saying the Detroit Lions' win total "peaked" to one this season. It serves to trivialize the dire situation our state is in and makes light of its future. I voted for Granholm, and I am convinced that on her last day in office she will jump from the capital building, throwing money to everyone saying, "Haha, I was just kidding! I have all the answers and solutions right here! Peace out bitches!" or something to that effect.

The number one Oregon Ducks play this evening against the UCLA Bruins. It is the third straight week the top ranked team has played a ranked opponent, with the last two #1s losing. Should the Ducks lose, college football fans will have their fourth top team in as many weeks, which, according to my fabricated research department, is a record.

"Sexuality is a gift from the Creator" a recent letter from the Pope read, according to the website of the Vatican. He went on to say that "it is also a task which relates to a person's growth towards human maturity. When it is not integrated within the person, sexuality becomes banal and destructive." Statements such as these show the Pontiff as open to connecting with modern culture and society, and accepting certain aspects of the human condition as natural. The Pope went on the condemn the priests who abused their postion to molest children and also the mishandling of these cases by Cardinals and other Church administrators. These are the types of efforts the Universal Church must constantly make to stay relevant and respected. That, and explain the how bread "magically" turns into the body of Christ. The mystic portions of the religion, while traditional, need modernity as much as the Church's figures.

So, we've covered just about everything today. There will be a short quiz Friday, but don't miss Community and 30 Rock on NBC tonight. Enjoy Jim making faces at the camera...

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