Saturday, March 5, 2011

TC Training Camp: Day One

While winter in Northern Michigan knows no limits or bounds, the Bohunk had some expectations about the weather for Spring Break. The snow was nearly gone and the roads clear if a bit wet. I was assured that the weather would not be too bad. This morning revealed four or five inches of snow and 15 MPH winds dead out of the north. The roads do not get plowed on the weekends, so the skinny-tired steed I brought north was out of the question. I hopped aboard my Dad's mountain bike and headed out to the 23 mile loop by our house to sample some of the dirt roads in the area. No dice. I realized whilst sliding on my hindparts for a good 20 feet that the wet roads had completely frozen over, flat and smooth as a manicured outdoor ice rink. I spent a moment complimenting nature on its work creating the impressively smooth surface and mounted up to climb Pozoar, a long climb that puts you at the highest altitude in Grand Traverse county. Ice there was thick and smooth, but I was able to creep along a tire track until the snow was too dry to hold up and I rode through the snow, all five inches, until I made it to the top. With any luck the roads will clear of and tomorrow I will get some quality time on the bike. Be sure to check out the Paris-Nice coverage from Versus tomorrow at 4 eastern.
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