Friday, March 11, 2011

TC Training Camp: Day Seven

The day began with a kiwi cup of coffee and oatmeal with my dad, the Bill Murray look-a-like that refused to be captured on film. The pellet stove hummed warmly, staving off the disgusting cold weather out of doors. They day only needed a bike ride to be perfect.

This afternoon, the last scheduled ride of the TC training camp, I was joined by Dennis Bean-Larson of the famous Fixed Gear Gallery and Hell Yes clothing. DBL showed me his workshop, filled with tons of rare and attractive bikes, parts and memorabilia. It was a dusty sort of heaven and a real treat to finally see. We headed back out toward Cedar, spinning and talking bikes and life, genuinely enjoying both for the moment. I worked in a 35 minute attack on Lawson Road and the climb up Bellinger, but the majority of the two hours and twenty minutes was spent rolling nice and easy. Every cyclist should seize a day to just that. Appreciate it; we never remember just how lucky we are.

Big shout out to DBL for the ride and the knowledge.
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