Friday, February 18, 2011

Foxy Friday: Minka Kelly

Oh, that’s right, it’s Friday….Foxy Friday, no less. Never a difficult blog to right, be assured, My Dear Readers….

This week’s Fox is the tastefully named Minka Kelly, which, contrary to the Bohunk’s suspicions, is not her real name reverse. She is the daughter of Aerosmith guitarist Rick Dufay and exotic dancer (not making that up) Maureen Kelly. Minka made it up to 54th on Maxim’s 2008 Hot 100 list before being named “Sexiest Woman Alive” by Esquire in 2010. She plays a foxy cheerleader on Friday Night Lights but has since exploded on to the more expensive and larger screen. She has appeared in 13 movies, lucky her, including 500 Days of Summer and this year’s Just Go With It. To note, she is the girlfriend of Yankee Derek Jeter.

You will note, won’t you, her quite attractive smile…

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