Saturday, February 5, 2011

Final Super Words

Tomorrow, just to remind my Dear Readers, is the Super Bowl. The Pittsburgh Steelers face the Green Bay Packers and if you have been keeping track, the Bohunks patent (pending) formula predicts the Packers 21 and Steelers 14. Some final thoughts follow, in no particular order:
-Big Rapist Ben holds the key; if he has over 250 yards passing, the Thieves may be in business.
-Clay Matthews was "only" the second best defensive player behind Polomalu. After tomorrow, many will be arguing he was robbed.
-Vince Lombardi lives on in Green Bay; the Pack is almost perfectly 50/50 pass plays to run plays in the post season.
-The Bohunk, with more than a little help from some pals, constructed the pictured Cheese/Snow sculpture. No team loses this snow sculpture support.

Enjoy the game, everyone, and may Fergie have a wardrobe malfunction to spice up the halftime show.
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