Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Genetically Enhanced Alfalfa and You…

Do you like food? If you’ve ingested anything today, you’ve proven you are a fan. And while some thrive on the chemical additives that go into much of today’s agricultural products (Alberto Contador won three Tours de France on a agricultural chemical) it is widely believed that these chemicals are not all that good for us. In fact, most chemicals contribute to elevated risk of cancer, obesity, hormonal imbalance and just all-around-down-in-the-dumpness. Organic foods provide a healthy, chemical free alternative, but even that is now being threatened. My boy Barack Obama (again, I admit, I would have preferred Hilary) is prepared to sign into law an act that would allow Monsanto’s genetically modified alfalfa. This product would, according to experts (ever notice how no one ever listens to them?) contaminate the entire agricultural industry over night. Disagree? (Kim Butcher will; Hey, Kim!) Contamination in confined laboratories dealing with cell cultures in locked and sealed refrigerators are capable of contaminated all the known cell cultures in the world in just a few weeks; imagine how fast this contamination would take place when planted, sprayed and fertilized. If you would like to sign a petition to stand up for the organics industry (and trust the Bohunk, you do; I love Annie’s Organic Mac and Cheese and I’m not taking this without a fight) just click right here to sign via the World Wide Web.  

Looked at this doped up cow! Believe it or not, this is my stock cow photo…and my favorite. Doesn’t he look delicious?

Thanks to the Thomas “Red Rider” Beebe for sharing this little tid-bit. If you ever have something you would like tens of people to read, just let the Bohunk know. Cheers, folks!

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