Monday, January 31, 2011

America: Quite Fat

In an effort to get ‘Murica to back out of the groceries and to get the US off the podium for fattest country in the world, the government released a new guideline of what we should and should not be eating. One in three American children are obese (not just overweight, obese) and well over half adults are committed porkers themselves. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack said, “…this is a crisis we can no longer ignore.” One tip they offered was that consumers (that’s you and me) switched to low fat or, preferably, skim milk. The switch to skim milk from even 2% can result in consuming roughly 7 pounds of fat worth of calories less per year, or the equivalent to one fat roll in your midsection. The guideline also stressed that switching to water in the stead of soda or juice could help children’s blood sugar and weight. Also, the Bohunk recommends skipping that drunken double cheeseburger you long for after an evening of binge drinking. Saves you a ton of calories.

If this is you, reevaluate your dietary habits; and if this is literally a picture of you, I apologize.

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